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Providing effective security mechanisms is an important requirement to any secure cloud solution. In this sense, it's proposed to use a hybrid approach to cloud security that includes both warning and detection mechanisms in order to minimize the possibility of a successful attack. According to that proposal, the customized attribute-based encryption (ABE) is a comprehensive access control solution for cloud storage services including user accountability and key revocation. The authors apply state-of-the-art signal processing techniques in order to detect the malicious activities and Man-in-the-Cloud (MITC) attacks in the cloud environment.

Об авторах

T. Galibus
Belarusian State University

V. Krasnoproshin
Belarusian State University

P. Thiago
University of Brasilia

T. Rafael
University of Brasilia

P. João
University of Brasilia

P. Edison
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Z. Anton
Byelex Multimedia Products BV Argon 1

H. Vissia
Byelex Multimedia Products BV Argon 1

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., ., ., ., ., ., ., . . Доклады БГУИР. 2016;(3):69-74.

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Galibus T..., Krasnoproshin V..., Thiago P.V., Rafael T.D., João P.C., Edison P.D., Anton Z., Vissia H.E. ORGANIZATION OF PROTECTION MECHANISMS FOR CLOUD STORAGE SERVICES. Doklady BGUIR. 2016;(3):69-74. (In Russ.)

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