The scientific journal
Doklady BGUIR

Issued 8 times a year

ISSN 1729-7648

Review procedure

All manuscripts of scientific articles that are sent to the editorial office of the Journal are registered, undergo primary examination and review.

The primary examination is carried out by the responsible secretary of the editorial board: the accompanying documents are examined, the correspondence of the scientific article to the journal's profile, the rules of registration and the requirements established by the editorial office of the journal is assessed.

Articles submitted to the editorial office of the Journal are compulsorily reviewed. The reviewers are appointed by the deputy editor-in-chief on the results of the article discussion at the meeting of the editorial board. Reviewers are notified that the articles are private property of the authors and refer to information not to be disclosed.

Requirements for the reviewer: the presence of a scientific degree in the field of technical or physical and mathematical sciences. Also, the reviewer may be a specialist in the field of research, the results of which are set forth in the article. The reviewer can not be selected from among the co-authors of the article under review. Information about the reviewers is not subject to disclosure.

Articles that have received a positive review by the reviewer are published in the Journal in order of priority. Comments of the reviewer are reported to the author with a proposal to take into account the recommendations for further development of the article. The article, revised by the author, is sent again for review. The article together with the text of the review is returned to the author in the case of a negative review